Organic, Organic, Organic

Social Media is a powerful tool. In this day and age, an online business presence is not only required to function, but it now has to be a good online presence or else customers will distrust the brand and turn away. Social Media serves as an interactive tool to build an online presence, showcase products and services, communicate with customers and even run advertisements. Moreover, it’s an extremely affordable and efficient marketing solution if used correctly. But there is a method to the madness. Since we consume so much media through our phones, computers and televisions each day, viewers are now gravitating towards more organic, less picture-perfect content. At GLMC, our management method focuses on raw, relatable content that clearly communicates the purpose of your brand, while still maintaining aesthetics and creativity. We’ll treat your social channels as an ongoing interactive relationship with your customers and community. Your plan will be tailored to your needs and we'll continue to make ongoing adjustments over time to yield maximum performance .

It Starts With a Vision Board

Based on an initial phone call or consultation, the first thing we do is send a proposed plan detailing your marketing package along with a mood board to communicate our vision for your brand. This will be a starting point for both parties to get on the same page so you know exaclty what services you will get and how it will look.

  • Real Estate Professional

    This lively mood board focuses on incorporating organic content with a ton of style. The inspiring aesthetic showcases the agent's personality along with their industry expertise.

  • Larkin Goaltending

    A visual style designed for Larkin Goaltending, a hockey coaching company through Future Pro. This board focuses on the 'how' and 'why' of the coaching business mixed with motivational inspiration.

    Larkin Goal Tending 
  • Sage Theory Gifts

    This creative board combines soft colors, cool curation and simple design elements to convey a boutique, luxury gift box brand.

    Sage Theory Gifts 

Content Creation

Once you decide to move forward with a plan, we will begin to create your content. Many companies already have a database of past photography and video to use for new creation. Whether you already have media or need something totally new, we will generate a fresh, creative feed for your company's social channels.

Sage Theory Gifts

Content Review

This is the fun part! Once we've created your content, we will send you the posts for you to review in one easy-to-read document. You can let us know about any changes you'd like and we will revise accordingly.

Larkin Goaltending


We will publish your content according to a Marketing Timeline we send to you ahead of time so you know exaclty what's going out and when. You'll watch your channels take on a whole new personality and become a beautiful, interactive landing page for your business!

  • Sage Theory Gifts

    A story about Sage Theory Gift's Balance Box. A beautiful collection of wellness products curated for rejuvenation and restoration.

  • Buff City Soap

    Advertising Buff City Soap's 4 for $20 Treat Yourself Tuesday deal! This promo features beautiful, fresh handmade soap products.

  • Larkin Goaltending

    This morning story is about an early practice! When followers wake up to cool content, it inspires them in their own day.