Art On a Screen

At GLMC, we like to think of graphic design truly defined as digital art. With a finishing coat of business-minded marketing. Armed with Studio Art Bachelor's degrees and many years experience as professional artists, we will make sure every piece of graphic art is INTERESTING, fresh, clean and centered around your brand's individuality. We can even incorporate traditional drawings and paintings into your graphic design--illustrated just for you--all at a great price. Whether it's a logo, flyer or any type of digital art you can imagine, we have you covered. 

Flyer Design

Handouts should be bold, to the point, and clean. We will use stellar photography and simple design to create excellent takeaways for your customers.

Direct Mail

We have ample experience with Direct Mail campaigns. At the right time in the right market, direct mailers can be a great way to boost seasonal sales and gain new customers.

Content Creation

We have the power to come up with new ways to present your products by incorporating fun graphic design techniques. It can be as simple as an Instagram post, but a little creativity goes a long way!