Who We Are

Consider us your on-call marketing staff. We are creative, business-minded individuals with over ten years of experience in small business marketing and operations. We can have as large or small of a role in your marketing as you'd like. Whether you need content creation, a photoshoot for your product, a quick graphic design project, full-time social media management or you'd like to implement a major marketing campagin, we can help. We handle every part of the marketing process and will portray your brand in a cool, fresh light at a great price.

We can help grow your business on any budget.

Let us make you stand out.

How It Works

We work closely with our clients to ensure optimal results. The process will start with an email or phone call and we will decide together what's right for you.

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Content Creation

Great, organic product photography is key to successful marketing. We strongly suggest beginning with a photography and/or video shoot to generate quality content. If you already have your brand's photography, we will put it to work in effective advertisements across various media.

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A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words

Cool, clean photography is key to successful marketing campaigns. With everyone glued to their phone and T.V. screens these days, people are drawn to organic content that is different from a picture-perfect ad. But there is a balanced art between clean, professional branding and a quick snapshot on an iPhone. At Great Little Marketing Company, we shoot stellar content to perfectly communicate your product or service and resonate with your target market. And place it in front of them. A lot.




Social Media Management

Organic, Organic, Organic

Social media is a powerful tool. But 30 years into the information age, we are assaulted with digital content everywhere we look and it's harder to stand out than ever before. People are numb to traditional ad aesthetics and instead interested in organic photography and video shot in ways that feel less professional and more natural--as if they were taking a snapshot themselves. With our social media management strategy, we will strike the right balance between professional and organic content that clearly communicates the purpose of your brand. Moreover, we will treat your social channels like an ongoing interactive relationship with friends and family. We'll make sure your pages are interesting, fresh and FUN. Pick your plan and we'll take it from there.



Social Media Advertising

A New World Unlocked

Whether you are already advertising on social media, or wouldn't know where to begin, we can help. Having managed hundreds of campaigns and catapulted brands into new markets, we are able to generate huge returns on investment with the power of social media. Perhaps you have an event you would like to host and promote, or maybe you would simply like to grow sales and gain new customers. Depending on your goals, we will determine the right social strategy for you and provide effective media content to reach your target audience. Our years of experience includes managing budgets from $15 to $10,000 and breaking records across the board.


Graphic Design

Art Meets Business

At GLMC, we like to think of graphic design truly defined as digital art. With a finishing coat of business-minded marketing. Armed with Studio Art Bachelor's degrees and many years experience as professional artists, we will make sure every piece of graphic art is INTERESTING, fresh, clean and centered around your brand's individuality. We can even incorporate traditional drawings and paintings into your graphic design--illustrated just for you--all at a great price. Whether it's a logo, flyer or any type of digital art you can imagine, we have you covered.